About Us

DIY – Doing It Your Way!

Since March 2015, we pride ourselves on creating web design products where you DIY – Do It Yourself, and we invite you behind the proverbial curtain to see how we do it, and what happens – good, bad, and otherwise.  We know where we want to get to….now, let’s see how we get there!

Here’s How We Create…

Tired of other web design companies showing screen shots of pages that don’t exist and DRAGGING out the implementation process?  Well, our designs are user friendly, and they happen in moments.  We don’t like something?  We change it – LIVE – in real time, save it, and reload to see what it looks like.

At Just the Click of a Button…

Want to change a font – simple click of the button!  Here’s a couple more examples…

Don’t like the color?  CLICK IT!

Decided you like another picture better?  CLICK IT!

Want to move a page around?  CLICK IT!

Got to thinking about a better title?  CLICK IT!

Forgot to add a company logo?  CLICK IT!

Oh, the list just goes on, and on, and on…..!!!!

We K.I.S.S. All Day Long!

Keeping It Simple, Silly!

Keeping It Simple, Silly!

The easier we make it on ourselves is just one more way we’re able to keep it simple for you too!

To demonstrate, the link which brought you here from our main page had a photo behind it.  That photo is exactly the same one that came with the theme template.  I mean, why change a good thing, right?  Using the right words on the slider (that’s the header images moving from side to side either automatically or by clicking on the sideways arrows) simply accentuates our intention with the bridge image.

Once we get a firmer idea of what we really want to have on our primary page, we update the photo, change the words, and redirect to a different blog post.  Easy, peasy!  AND, we didn’t have to consult with any gurus or wait weeks to make the change!  <OK, maybe we did take a couple of weeks.  If so, that’s only because our own personal creativity needed time to cultivate!  Genius ideas take a break too!>

[Jan 2017 Update:  That image and header and slider and what-not, they no longer exist.  This is now part of About Us page instead of a Post.  We’ve simply repurposed the content during our makeover where we did, in fact, get a better idea of our home page.  When we get around to making a proper About Us page, then this content evolves again.  Always able to use what was originally ours!]

You Can Do This!

Building You Up!

Building You Up!

If we can do it, you can do it.  The only reason we exist is simply because you don’t WANT to do it, and that’s OK.  We’re here to get you started with a solid footing on a great foundation, and then we assist you with building up your skills through tutorials, webinars, training, and sharing with you pretty much anything else we believe gives you the tools you need to be successful with your website without having to pay an arm and a leg for something you need 6 arms and 14 legs to operate.

Thanks for Checkin’ Us Out!

Now, let me go see what this looks like on a live page…