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King Kong

King Kong

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King KongClueless?

Google is KING if you are clueless.  Now, I have to admit.  I started out thinking that Google was more like King Kong, instead of King, when it came to the internet.  A wild beast yet to be tamed.  Roaming the world fighting the ties that strove to bind it.  A massive contributor to the red-headed step child of the ever watchful eye of Big Brother.  Granted, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  Instead, I prefer to mind my privacy settings and keep what’s mine as mine and let you to keep yours as you desire to have it.  Then, came the internet followed by Google.  What a beast of a search engine it is!

Yet, I have to confess… I think I’m falling in love with King Kong.  Some days I feel like I’m the blonde (or maybe it’s my business partner) who calms the beast within my internet searches.  When you truly have nowhere else to go, the phrase, “Google it”, just seems so appropriate.  I mean, you don’t really say, “Yahoo it” or “Bing it”, do you?  Perhaps a trip to the library to check out a book seems even a bit time consuming?  Did you run out of quarters and you can’t “phone a friend” for the answer?  That class in school or piece of paper which says your smart didn’t give you all the answers to life either, huh?  I’d say it’s a bummer, and you should never give up.  Grab your keyboard, type in, and let your fingers and your mouse lead you where you are destined to find your answers within the world wide web.

Need a Clue?

The most humbling experience I ever had was talking to a client who was angry about being told “If you don’t know the answers, then Go Google it.”  I mean, really, really, REALLY angry!  When I thought I was being helpful, instead I had sent them on a 6-hour long goose chase where they never found their answer.  Me?  Based on the question, I typed something (I don’t remember right now) into the Google search bar, read the titles of the results, clicked on a link, found the answer they needed, and forwarded the link.  Me?  I did all of that in less than 20 minutes with a look of utter perplexedness (not a word, I know) as to what was taking them so freaking long to figure it out.


To help you along on your journey, we’ve decide to share with you what Google searches we used to find our answers.  Here is a sample of what you can discover in our blog posts.

You can add questions, type in phrases, use the exact word

Got a Clue?

Truly, Google is KING if you are clueless.  All you need is the clue to help you find answers.


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