Open During Creation!

Yep, Creation!

burglarIt’s not development, cause we consider ourselves creators of YOUR content while using someone else’s design they developed.  We don’t believe in taking credit where credit isn’t due.  That’d be stealing.  Blech!  It’s not reconstruction either since we never had a first website design to redo.

Oh, and just to be clear, you ALWAYS own the content and the domain name, and whatever else we put in the foundation.  I mean, have you ever paid a contractor to fix your bathroom, and then they locked you out of using it since they owned the materials?  NOPE!  Me neither.  We’re interested in giving you a leg up to get started, cut down on the amount of time it takes to figure your way around, and put your content out on the internet for all to see.  Simple creation of a site based on your vision and purpose.

Anyway, that’s just phraseology.  You’re here to check out our services.  So, let’s tell you a bit about them.


Whatcha Got For Me?

toe in waterDepending on what your needs are for establishing yourself on a website, we offer varying slices of internet real estate starting at the absolute most basic level.  We target our conversation to those just beginning to stick their toe in the water of the world wide web.  If we seem silly or basic, it’s because everyone has to start somewhere.  Stick around for the content and tutorials we offer as our skillset grows along with our customer’s needs.  How many companies do you know willing to put your needs above their own?

FYI, if you don’t see it, just ask.  We’re fond of masterminding on whatever it takes to get you that perfect slice of internet real estate you adore to live in for years to come.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  You bring the desire, we find the path to get you there.  Together we celebrate and conquer new frontiers!


A Foundation for Your Internet Real Estate

Click on the links here for deeper information on our services…

  • Get a Domain Name
  • Set your Domain Name up with Hosting
  • Create a Web Site which is stored on the Hosting Provider
    • Basic Website – A Starter Kit
    • Builder Website – Let’s Be Friends
  • Include a couple Upgrades as you need them
    • Add an Email Autoresponder to keep in touch with Followers
    • Establish a dedicated Capture Page for your visitors


Hmm, Seems Like Pretty Basic Offerings, Right?

Hohenwerfen Castle‘Cause THEY ARE BASIC!!!!  When you have the foundation nice and sturdy, you build a castle.  If your foundation is poorly laid, your castle crumbles.  If you’re at our site, you’re here for a reason.  You’re either just getting started, been around for a bit and you love our rates, or you’ve stumbled upon us and discovered our approach is unique and personable.  In a world of automation, it’s good to know you’re working with humans who care for you and your business.


Come On In!  We’re Open for Business!

It’s not a pretty link, but it works!!!  🙂  I mean, isn’t that the point?

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