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To Plan a Launch or Fly By Seat of Pants?

Type of Search Search AttemptsSuccessful Search Entry Google what is the best way to launch a new websitewhat is the best way to launch a new website Our Discovery need to add… Turn Key Blog Team has been in business since March 2015, and 2017 is knocking on our door just around the corner.  So much […]

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Playing with Our Pricing Tables

Celebrate All Successes…even the little ones Woo hoo!!!  OK, seriously, this is just a wicked crazy short post to say how amazing Izanna is at discovering nifty little plug-ins, widgets, coding, and all things technical.  She’s been tinkering for the last couple days with design tables, and then she researched bits for our pricing tables. […]

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Open During Creation!

Yep, Creation! It’s not development, cause we consider ourselves creators of YOUR content while using someone else’s design they developed.  We don’t believe in taking credit where credit isn’t due.  That’d be stealing.  Blech!  It’s not reconstruction either since we never had a first website design to redo. Oh, and just to be clear, you ALWAYS own […]

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