Playing with Our Pricing Tables

Celebrate All Successes…even the little ones

FireworksWoo hoo!!!  OK, seriously, this is just a wicked crazy short post to say how amazing Izanna is at discovering nifty little plug-ins, widgets, coding, and all things technical.  She’s been tinkering for the last couple days with design tables, and then she researched bits for our pricing tables.  After she found it, she implemented it on our site for testing and application.  She just completed a demo for me this afternoon, and now I am in a position to make manual modifications to improve the accuracy of the material.  I mean, you don’t want to see someone else’s examples do you?  You want our real true-to-life pricing for our services, yes!  Yeah, that’s what I thought too!


Anyway, we’re not entirely there yet RIGHT NOW, and I’m confident it’s all good to go on or before Monday, May 11th.  Today, we figured out the programming and the layout.  This weekend, we finalize the content. Yes, we work weekends.  Why, BECAUSE WE’RE HAVING FUN!!!  It’s not an everyday occurrence, and it’s certainly NOT a requirement.  Geez, it’s good being your own boss and making your own hours.  We delight in your success on the internet to experience these same freedoms.

Enjoy the Rest of Your Weekend!

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