I’d ask if you want the good news or the bad news first. Since I can’t hear you, I’m going to give you good, bad, GREAT news just to hedge my bets to make sure you know all you need to know.

GOOD NEWS: Everything that you buy from this page is 100% yours to do with and use as you please.

BAD NEWS:  When you click on these links, chances are pretty high that it’s an affiliate link, and we’re going to get a check for your brand new purchase. It’s like a referral fee as we introduced you to their product. Some governmental genius decided we need to disclose that, and so we’re taking up your precious time to cover our arses.

GREAT NEWS:  If we think you should use it, it’s because we’re using it, AND WE LOVE IT!!!   Since we thought you might have missed how awesome these products are from our blog posts, we put this together to give them an extra shout out.  Just in case all this lack of legalese blurred the lines of confusion, we donate 100% of our affiliate payments to worthy causes.  You can check them out here… <link>…  with how much we have paid to who so far. I mean, you’re going to buy these amazing products and services anyway, right? Might as well give a portion to those who need it, yes?  We even encourage you to consider making donations of your own to these worthy causes, and we love to hear what recommendations you may have for other organizations who meet our criteria: technology based, youth education, and other such groups.


Thrive Themes

Some points to clarify, if you already have a website design package from us, then review the video to understand more of it’s potential and be sure to subscribe to be a member of their Thrive University mentioned below.  You do not need to purchase a Thrive license, as that is included with your hosting and support package.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Thrive Themes yet, this is a chance to get you caught up on what we’ve been doing at Turn Key Blog Team for the past year when it comes to website design tools.  WordPress is still the core platform, and Thrive Themes provides the next level to getting your brand out on the internet in a way you control.